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Soundstation Premier

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Meet your executive teleconferencing needs with the full-duplex Polycom SoundStation Premier. This conference phone is ideal for large rooms and situation demanding the highest audio quality. With conventional, half-duplex speakerphones, only one party can speak at a time without clipping off the other party's voice. Echoes and howling can further disrupt your conversations and lead to costly misunderstandings. But because of the SoundStation Premier's full-duplex operation, you can speak naturally and hear both sides of the conversation clearly.

The Premier ensures the highest sound quality with three microphones and a digitally-tuned speaker for 360-degree coverage of an office or conference room. Polycom's Acoustic Clarity Technology uses digital signal processing with analog telephone lines to eliminate the clipping and fading that plague most speakerphones.

This technology improves speaker and microphone performance over the full bandwidth of the telephone line--300 to 3,500 Hz. Other features that boost sound quality include dynamic telephone-line echo cancellation, dynamic room-echo cancellation, signal depression, microphone switching, and digital filtering of voice signals. The Premier model also features a separate echo canceler for each of its three console mics, optimized local speech quality, and sub-band echo cancellation for incredible stability, even at maximum volume.

The SoundStation Premier now also comes with a Palm OS software interface, called the SoundStation Premier Dialer. This lets you access and dial phone numbers directly from the contact-manager database within a Palm OS handheld computer (from Palm, Handspring, TRG, IBM, and Sony). The Palm handheld also functions as a remote control, allowing you to control all SoundStation features directly from the Palm handheld.

The Premier has a full alphanumeric keypad for dialing with a mute button and flash key to access functions like hold, conference, and transfer. Other phone features include caller ID, speed dial, and a 20-digit redial. View call information on the 16-character LCD screen. Access phone and conference settings with the full-function infrared remote control.

The Premier works with any analog phone system, or with an adapter (sold separately) for digital phone systems. It comes with a wall module, 25-foot power cable, 7-foot telephone cable.